Elliptical steel cap

Elliptical plugs are one of the types of fittings, an elliptical steel plug is necessary for hermetic closing of the free ends of pipes used in pipelines. They can also be used as bottoms in various containers.
Elliptical steel plugs are strong and available in various sizes. They are produced in the range of diameters from 40 to 1600 mm. These advantages explain their high demand for all types of technical water pipelines, as well as the bottoms of equipment and vessels operated under high pressure conditions.
The tightness of the plug — depending on the professional installation — allows the fitting to be used in pipelines with gaseous media and steam.
The elliptical steel plug is required for various manufacturing plants and agriculture. When installing metal structures, builders also use plugs — closing the ends of the MK to prevent water, dirt and sediment from entering the cavity of the metal structure.
The reliability and tightness of the plug are the main advantages of this fitting, therefore this product is used in pipelines controlled by regulatory authorities.