Do I need to rent a touch desk?

Interactive table (Interactive Touch Table), touch table, interactive multi-touch table (Interactive multi-touch tables), iTable — all these names, in fact, refer to one interactive device for input and output of graphic information. This device is universal. solution for infotainment, education, business, advertising and many other industries. Depending on the scope of the assignment, the interactive table can vary in terms of functional complexity, configuration, and appearance. From a technical point of view, an interactive table is a touch screen integrated with a computer. If necessary, this device can be equipped with a vandal protection case and screen cover (plasma, LCD or LED panels). The touch system can recognize simultaneous touches in the range of 1 to 120 depending on the table configuration pattern. You can rent an interactive table to display images and texts, multimedia objects that can be directly interacted with through user controls or thanks to special software selected for specific tasks. Today’s interactive tables are made of different materials, different sizes, etc. Currently, the buyer has a large selection of Russian and foreign manufacturers. The choice of table should be determined by the criteria of the intended use. For example, you want to use a table for an exhibition, so you need a light, mobile option with a surface that allows you to easily brand it. Also, the selection of the display table should ensure that it can be used in the tilt position of the screen and the movement of the screen to the horizontal position quickly and without any problems. You can use any third-party software that allows you to perform all kinds of tasks you need. Another common option is to rent an interactive table to entertain and educate children. There are many important features here: The table should not have sharp corners. The height of the table should be between 50 cm and 78 cm so that children of all ages can use it. The table should have a vandal-resistant coating, and the material used should be metal or wood. The table must be heavy and sturdy to prevent children from tipping over and injuring themselves. Children using an interactive table often hold themselves straight, run, lean, etc., this table must meet all the above requirements and have GOST conformity certificates and a declaration of conformity.