Digital LED Photozone

The digital LED photo zone is perhaps the hottest news in the field of capturing the feelings of guests at various events.

In our time, as soon as the motto “Missing in the photo — it means that it never happened in life” becomes more and more important, the presence at marketing campaigns, promotional events, corporate parties, including friendly parties, such clear photo zones, so that photos with their packs scattered across social networks — an elementary must have.

What is the photozone that we are talking about?

LED photo zone for the event — Probably a truly live photo zone. LED screens show video in several planes, adding volume to the picture. And the logo or thematic colors of your company placed in the video sequence will allow you to advertise your brand luxuriously and unobtrusively.

Despite the high-tech solutions, from the user’s point of view, everything is as clear as possible. Here they are, 3 steps to exclusive content for Instagram:

Get up: a looped video plays on LED panels, in colors or with a company logo.
Filming: colors fit into the frame and make spectacular shots.
Pick up: captured images can be obtained on an instaprinter or sent through an interactive table to your email or social networks. networks.

This deed is generally not cheap — mainly due to the cost of the mentioned technologies. But, as opposed to cost, it is advisable to talk about superiority.

All in one: a real interactive zone that will speak for itself.
Effective Advertising: thanks to the branding built into the video sequence, this LED photo zone rental has the opportunity to serve as a promotion of your own product at the exhibition.
Simplicity: to get an unforgettable catchy photo or video shot, the guest only needs to stand in the photo zone.
Freshness and originality: 1 of the most advanced photo zones at the moment will be a real sensation for the holiday.
To attract attention: so powerful LED screen they themselves, according to themselves, will decorate the event. And their light will therefore be from afar.
Speed: Due to the fact that the video is looped, guests do not have to guess the scene in order to take a picture. At the same time, nothing prevents group photos or videos from working.

Stay up to date with the latest releases, even if you have no direct contact with the organization of events: your advice to a colleague or friend can be invaluable. Well, if necessary — do not neglect to take a few pictures!