Modern orthodontics in dentistry

Modern orthodontics in solving dental problems

In true times, modern methods of restoring the integrity of the dentition with the help of special implantable systems have captured a large number of adherents. Among these methods is dental implantation, which is a dental procedure for implanting a special screw into the jaw bone. After that, a crown is installed on this eyebolt. This method of tooth restoration enjoys a great reputation as it guarantees the reliability and durability of the artificial tooth. In addition to this, dental implantation has virtually no contraindications, despite the fact that this method is allowed to implant a large number of teeth, giving the smirk a neat and healthy look.

No less demanded service of modern dentistry is dental prosthetics, which consists in replacing lost teeth with high-quality prostheses. The dentist chooses the best prosthesis design, which should ideally fit the patient. In view of this, different types of dentures are used for these manipulations. It is noteworthy that removable prosthetics are said to be a less brutal operation to restore the dentition, and therefore are in great demand. A wide classification of prostheses allows you to choose the most appropriate category of the device. The right choice in the method of prosthetics of teeth helps to make a dentist.

Innovative dentistry also widely uses various types of difficult orthodontic appliances, such as braces, used for malocclusion or dentition irregularities. These systems are fixed with the support of special glue on the plane of the tooth. In the grooves of the brackets, an iron orthodontic arch is placed, the resistance of which aligns the dentition. A large type of these devices allows you to put them both on the outside and on the inside of the tooth.

Topicality of braces is also due to the fact that the presence of a malocclusion, in addition to aesthetic problems, has the ability to negatively affect a person’s well-being. The inability to carefully say food leads to various diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. In this case, bite correction is very necessary to maintain well-being. Quite often, malocclusion in children leads to errors in the development of speech, and sometimes makes it difficult to breathe. Correction of malocclusion with the help of modern orthodontic appliances saves people from a number of concomitant diseases.