Carhartt, the origins of workwear

At 130 years old, an American company that started with railroad clothing in the late 19th century has resurrected a factory near its hometown of Detroit. You can order the Carhartt WIP Jacket in the Based online store by clicking on the link.

Benefits of the Carhartt brand

To clear up any misunderstandings, remember that there are two Carhartts: a historic workwear company founded in Detroit, Michigan in 1889; and the Carhartt WIP (Work In Progress) fashion brand that sprang from it in 1989, which dresses youth, rappers, figure skaters and young people from beautiful neighborhoods. Both cultivate the same logo, the same durable brown cotton, the same utilitarian styles originally intended for railroad workers, farmers, laborers. Both are currently enjoying success that transcends generations and boundaries. According to Ham, the reasons lie in the origin of the brand created by Hamilton Carhartt. In order to repeat his steps, it was enough a month ago to go to a new factory of a workwear company that opened its doors in Dearborn, one of the suburbs of Detroit. As a symbol of the rebirth of this American industrial city.

Back to 1889 The industrial age is in full swing, the railroad workers are busy, the locomotive is on the rails. Mr. Carhart, a merchant by trade who crosses Michigan in a horse-drawn carriage, inquires about the needs of the railroad workers he meets along the way. Observation: Their clothes are impractical and uncomfortable. How to make workwear better? he wonders. Returning to Detroit, he bought two sewing machines and settled in a small factory in the heart of the Irish neighborhood of Corktown, where several seamstresses were hired from a newspaper ad. The beginning is unsuccessful, but the man persists. Thus, the contours of the new overalls made of cotton duck are slowly drawn. (ocher-brown canvas), of large proportions, since the material does not stretch much, is equipped with a small pocket for the railwaymen’s pocket watches.