sworn translation

The demand for vacancies for sworn translators is high in a society with a free labor market, where there are immigrants, international companies are working, recruiting employees from different countries, and a new workforce. To legalize documents and give them legal force in the host country, there is a sworn translation. Sooner or later, any immigrant who wants to settle in the country will have to use the services of such specialists.

Benefits of sworn translation

  • Notarization is not required
  • In addition to the translation of the document, it also contains the signature and seal of the sworn translator, with which he certifies the correctness and accuracy of the translation.
  • You do not need to provide original translations, scanned copies of good quality are sufficient

Thanks to these advantages, clients save time and money on the preparation and legalization of documents for submission to foreign authorities.
A court interpreter is required if one of the parties to the litigation does not speak the language sufficiently.