First aid kits and medicines in the form of bags made of waterproof fabric are designed to provide first aid in case of industrial injuries and emergencies to all energy workers, as well as electrical engineers. The advantages of this first aid kit include ease of movement to the place of use and specially selected pharmaceutical ingredients.
In the cosmichno market online store you can buy first aid kits for employees of various modifications at very attractive prices, more details on the website. Each first aid kit contains the necessary medicines and tools, depending on its purpose.
The AI-2 first aid kit contains medical protective equipment that is used for self-rescue and mutual assistance in case of injuries, elimination of the consequences of radioactive damage, prevention of infectious diseases, etc.
It can be used at home, in the country, on a hike, in the forest, in the office with minor injuries and ailments.
A distinctive feature is a compact case made of impact-resistant plastic, which allows you to carry a separate first aid kit in your overalls pocket.