Is it possible to buy a diploma of a foreigner from universities in Ukraine?

It is no secret that Ukrainian universities are attractive to foreigners. About 70,000 students from other countries are studying in the country. Many choose technical universities, as well as those associated with the exact sciences. But there are different circumstances and it may be useful to offer to buy a diploma of a foreigner.

Who and when should buy a diploma of a foreigner in Ukraine?

The training of foreign students is often carried out under state agreements. But often people come to Ukraine privately. Foreigners are attracted by low prices, a powerful scientific and technical base, a large selection of universities. If you need to buy a diploma of a foreigner, then this can be done in a couple of days.

When is the sale of diplomas useful?

It is not a problem for a foreigner to enter a Ukrainian university. However, the learning process is not so easy. Various life circumstances and incidents may prompt the search for an alternative to classical education. There can be many reasons to buy a foreign diploma. For example,

    • In the process of studying, due to poor progress, the dean’s office decided to expel. It’s a shame to return to your country, but without a diploma. Therefore, it is easier to buy it, especially since it is inexpensive.
    • Due to legal issues, an international student may be deported. In this case, studying at a Ukrainian university also becomes impossible.
    • Over time, the student realized that he made a mistake with the choice of the training program. In such situations, it is proposed to buy a diploma with an already indicated and pre-selected profession.
    • I did not manage to pass the entrance exams despite the preliminary preparation. The purchased diploma is no different from what is issued at the university.

The price of the issue is 13,500 hryvnias for the original diploma of a foreigner, which is also passed through the registry. Thus, if your employer from another country wants to check it, then there will be no problems. Although, foreigners rarely send requests to Ukrainian universities. By the way, you can choose any institute or university.

What are the features of a foreign diploma?

It differs from what citizens of Ukraine receive. The diploma has an international design. One side is in Ukrainian, the other is in English. It indicates the university, the training program, as well as the specialty.

An insert is attached to the diploma, in accordance with the standards of the Bologna process. The purchased diploma for a foreigner must be printed on special paper «Gosznak». This eliminates the possibility of fakes and fraud.